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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 27, 2013 in Personal |

There they are again, those questions about me, about my appearance, about whether I will ever or why I do not publish any photographs of myself. Mostly it comes through Tumblr, which should come as no surprise really, and not through those readers who find their way here. I guess it is easier to understand my reasoning when you read the personal posts I publish rather than the more blatant images without any commentary or captions elsewhere.

And yet…

Photo Source: pikabu

And yet there is still this desire amongst some to put an image, a visual to the person behind these words. Is it really necessary? Is it going to make any real difference to what I write if someone can quickly reference a photograph of my boobies?

Is someone going to think more of what I write because they can see what I look like or, more to the point, because they can see what I have tucked inside my blouse or hidden away up my skirt? Is this what serious writing is all about?

Take a look at all of the more serious newspapers and journals – printed paper things you can still get in a kiosk – and see how many journalists have their photograph included with their byline. It isn’t all that many, simply because the weight should be on what they write and not affected by what they look like.

Image Source: joyreactor

None of them, as far as I can recall, have any more than a face, when there is an image there. So why the request to see my boobies, or more, when reading what my thoughts are? If I wanted to do that sort of thing this blog would be a completely different thing entirely, and I am sure that much of what I write wouldn’t be taken at all seriously, and I do write serious entries now and then!

It is often said, before going into a major conference where someone is the speaker, or before sitting at a table to negotiate a new deal or a job: ‘imagine them all in the nude’. That might help put you at ease, if your mind goes that way, or reduce your ‘opponents’ to something less than they really are, but is it necessary here? I don’t think so, and so I shall remain by my original decision: the photograph on this blog is as far as it goes, be happy with that. My thoughts, my words, are what matters here, whether everyone likes it or not.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • UTPA says:

    You lock down your website and still expect people to share? I don’t think you “get” the internet. The internet is one giant copy machine. My computer made a locally cached copy of your site from the server that hosts it for my browser to render. No copying = no internet. Perhaps you aren’t ready for the big scary internet. I recommend pamphlet writing. At least take your share links down. That way you would be consistent. And for God sakes I hope you set your robots.txt to stop the search engines from making any copies. Wouldn’t want anyone finding all this serious writing. Good luck!



    • I don’t think you’ve quite managed to get the idea. This site isn’t ‘locked down’ so that no one can share, it simply has a copyright notice so that people cannot steal content without being warned that it is copyright. That doesn’t remove the ability to take the stuff away and use it elsewhere, but the warning is there. And this is completely different to ‘sharing’. Sharing is where, on the Internet, you tell other people where something interesting is. To share something you only need the URL, not the entire text. I think I ‘get’ the Internet far better than you do.

      As to modern thinking regarding copyright, there is such a thing as Creative Commons which allows people, in specific instances, to copy other works to their own sites with an appropriate copyright notice or acknowledgement. Had you read through the Disclaimer Page you would have noticed that people may use my works if they ask first. Perhaps, rather than relying on the opinion of someone else on the Internet you should check on the legal aspects of copyright. Until the copyright laws are changed from their present form they apply no matter what the opinion of someone else may be.

  • UTPA says:

    Wow!! You have a great collection of copied photos on your Tumblr. Nice work! I made copies of several myself. I take my last comment back. You can keep all this serious writing locked down as long as you keep posting fantastic shots over there. Me like.

  • UTPA says:

    Hilarious. I just skimmed this:


    Let these three replies underscore how annoying many netizens find websites that disable their browser functionality. I live by the “right-click-to-open-in-a-new-tab” functionality. Your policies prohibit that. Again, good luck to you. You certainly seem like you’ll need lots.

    For some modern thinking regarding copyright and its role in a digital world please read techdirt.com from start to finish.

  • Francois says:

    What if Miley Cyrus and Ann Coulter got married?

    This being out of the way, UPTA : you put your suppositories up your nose again, yes it acts faster but it does makes a mess. Let me explain a few simple things:

    1- The concept of this post is “I will not publish photographs of myself.” Why? A deep dark mystery that is likely to endure. You have a problem with that? Life is unfair, get used to it.

    2- A copyright actually means two things. “I am the author”, the most important; “You may not copy unless I agree”, eventually expires.

    3- Hard work, not luck, made this blog the success it is. I invite you to compare its traffic and audience with yours. Surely you know how?

    4- You live by a mouse button? Does your Mom know you are reading this?

    No, really, what if Miley Cyrus and Ann Coulter got married? Which hoax would cease to be one?

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