9/11: A Different View

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on September 11, 2013 in Immoral Conversations |

No shadow of a doubt, many people in the States will be thinking about events from twelve years ago today. Maybe not all, though, in quite the same light as we might imagine:

Do you want to get money from war? It`s the very time to realize this. Just as the first bombs fall on Syria, petroleum prices will move up as well as MONARCHY RESOURCES INC. (MO N_K) stock price!!! Begin earning dollars on Sep, 11th, purchase MO N_K shares.

Now, I have no idea whether Monarchy is a real company or not, whether they are sponsoring or even initiated this spam, but I can guarantee, their stock doesn’t interest me. Making money out of war by forcing the price of oil up through the roof and bringing even more harm to fellow citizens through higher bills? I think not.

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  • Francois says:

    Monarchy Resources is an Over-The-Counter stock with a “buyer beware” warning on specialist OTC sites. They own claims to gold mines, they have nothing to do with oil.
    In real news:
    1- The CIA started delivering arms to Syrian rebels.
    2- Russia just handed a plan for getting rid of chemical weapons in Syria. Now, that is a major diplomatic coup. It forced President Obama to delay military action and accept diplomacy as a potential solution.
    Of course, it is really about keeping Syria firmly in the Russian sphere of influence but, for now, it averted a war. Well done Putin.

    • I had suspected that about Monarchy. So far I haven’t come across a single series concern which needs to use spam, and that includes certain companies which are well-thought of and otherwise serious but who, for some strange reason, still resort to this underhand form of advertizing.

      The CIA probably started quite a while ago, although I have seen a report from the Syrian rebels which claims that they have received nothing yet.

      Putin was lucky that this off-hand remark by Kerry hit the point. I don’t think that Obama really had a chance of getting his military action proposal through Congress, and I don’t think that France will get their UN proposal through the UN either. A good way for Obama to save a little face on the international scene, although not back home.

      • Francois says:

        Sorry: it was officially announced that the CIA etc.

        Obama did not save face on the international scene. He blinked and the whole planet saw it.
        A lesson from the grave of Ronald Reagan, do not threaten, bomb (Libya, 1986.)

        • I wouldn’t say he blinked, the eyelid movement was far too fast and almost as fast as his mouth as he first made the threats and then started frantically back-pedaling!

          Bombing Syria without adequate evidence – and it is by no means clear who did what only when – would have been a very bad move for the US indeed, with many repercussions, especially if the bombing caused more of an environmental problem and hit more civilians than chemicals, or if it was later proven – as it may well still be – that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attacks. That is, of course, unless certain people with the President’s Ear at home know who supplied what and to whom….

          • Francois says:

            And bombing Syria with adequate evidence?

            What I see as a bigger picture is the emergence of a consensus among a large group of nations, with China and Russia in the lead, to the effect that the United States of America are not mandated to intervene everywhere they please.
            I am sorry for Syrians dying on all three sides of their civil war but it is a sovereign state and nobody’s business as long as the massacre stays at home. Yes, Assad is allied with Russia but it is not like the Red Army is parading in the streets of Damascus.

            The US never had a problem supporting brutally oppressive regimes when
            1- they are on their side (the list is very long); or
            2- they cannot be beaten (China).

            What is comforting this time around is the American people saying “no” to the warmongers. It had been a long time.

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