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What is it with people these days? I seem to be reading more and more than petitions and Facebook / Twitter / web site pages are calling for the public to boycott this or that firm, shop, business because something happened that they didn’t like. I’ve seen people forcing a cake shop out of business because they decided not to bake a cake for a wedding and a pasta company because the owner made a few out-of-place remarks. The latest is a gun shop calling on its customers – and anyone else who happens to like or own guns – to boycott a credit card company because they terminated their credit card options.

What amuses me about this last story is the reactions of those reporting it. The headline on The Blaze says that this news will have you shaking your head in disbelief. What happened? The credit card processor terminated the gun shop account because they suddenly discovered that they were in breach of the Terms and Conditions. There is nothing there which would make any sane person ‘shake their head in disbelief’. What is there is a sign that neither party read the Terms and Conditions before signing the contract.

As with the cake shop and the pasta company, so with the credit card company. They have their rules, their beliefs, their own way through life. If we expect our rules, beliefs and way through life to be respected, we should respect those of others, even when they inconvenience us or make us shake our heads in disbelief.

And calling for a boycott? If I don’t like something, I don’t get it. If I don’t wish to go into a particular store or buy from one or another supplier, I don’t do it. What has that got to do with other people? It is my choice and my choice alone, and I don’t need a mass following of people to suddenly go against a shop or whatever – where they have no connection and might not even be in the same State – just because I don’t want to use them.

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