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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on October 18, 2013 in Immoral Conversations, Internet |

The Internet, doesn’t it just make you want to tear your hair out once in a while? Well, not so much the Internet as the people who wander through it, the people who use the Internet to meet others, to converse, to bully, to abuse either with or without a name.

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Sometimes, I will admit, I am at a loss for words. Take, as an example, the question posed me this morning (above). Is this a question you would normally entertain – give or take – in real life? Would you, as an ordinary Joe or Jolene Public, pose such a question to someone you do not know, have never met, probably never will meet? I sincerely hope not, but the Internet is different. The Internet allows a good deal of freedom, and that freedom is often used – abused – to do things, to pose questions, to make statements, which a person would never allow across their lips in a face-to-face confrontation. At least, not outside of the bedroom, in this case.

I was tempted, I admit it. I was sorely tempted to be brutally honest and post a few choice words and then make the question, and my answer, public. Would that have achieved anything? Perhaps I would have felt a little better, let some of the stress from everyday life out on someone else rather than bottling it all up. I could have come up with some very choice words and a debilitating assessment.

But I didn’t. Others would have, of that I have no doubt whatsoever. Others would possibly have also allowed the name of this person – the Internet persona – to remain for all to see. Would that have been fair, had I done it?

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No. Instead I did what so many other people could do, what many do on a daily basis: I deleted the question unanswered – well, aside from my comments here – and moved on. I can do that simply because I do not feel threatened by the question. In fact, I do not feel threatened, in real life, by anything that happens on the Internet. I don’t take anything personally, and I use the delete button before the sending out anything. It’s easier.

Then again, I am an adult, not a child. I’m not being hit on by people I might really know in everyday life. I’m not the subject of a bullying campaign or anything similar. Perhaps then, if it were ever to happen, things might be different. If I were still a child, still a minor with little or no experience of the Internet and the abuse some people insist on forcing upon others, it and similar questions or comments might hurt me, might make me feel abused, afraid, under attack.

Do people think about such things before they hit send on their computers?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • A gentle put-down usually scares them off: my response would have been “No, but don’t take it personally – I don’t like any cock”. On a related note, I keep getting messages from both males and females asking about my bra cup size – what’s with that?

    • I also used to get many queries about both my looks and my size – all sizes! – and tend to just ignore them now. Fine, they may well be harmless for the person making them, but some – myself not included – are pretty sensitive when it comes to their personal appearance. Then again, do I really need anyone sending me pictures of the appendages for assessment? I think not.

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