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Yesterday I wrote about what my weekends seem to consist of, what I had planned for this weekend and, in all probability, every weekend for the foreseeable future. It is not, I hasten to add, an end to the social and leisure life of a Twentysomething, and I am not going to be tied down to a desk for the rest of the decade, but there are things which need doing and the weekend is a good time without too many other distractions, especially in winter!

Viktoria Michaelis: Weekend Work on Books

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This morning I also read an interesting online article – which I foolishly didn’t mark – about fear: the fear that everything is becoming too much and that the future is not clear; filled with obstacles, pitfalls and problems. I am sure this is much the same for all of us: we all have plans, ambitions and hopes but few of us really know what is going to happen, how things will work out. This fear covers our daily lives as much as college or work, relationships and everything that goes with it.

It can be said that I am not without a certainĀ  level of fear. What I am doing, setting up my publishing business, writing, binding myself to a plan with a great deal of risk both personally and financially, has been worked through by countless people before me. Some have been successful, some have failed: that is the way life works. But without these attempts to create something, to build a business from the ground up, what would we have? It is much the same as going into a relationship with someone: the future is unclear; two people have to work things out for themselves and adapt to their partner as much as to the reactions of other people around them. I am sure we all know how much work, how much heartbreak this can entail.

Viktoria Michaelis: Weekend Work on Books

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A little bit of fear is a good thing. It stops us from just diving in and doing things – mostly – without some forethought, without some degree of planning. No one can say what the future will bring but, if we succumb to our fears and simply do nothing, don’t take any risks at all, what is the point of living? There are things which land in our laps, finished, ready to be experienced, and things we have to work at to create.

My fear is that the publishing niche I am entering, at a time when the whole publishing world is changing and the major publishing houses are having just as many problems getting their works out to the general public as self-publishers are in finding a market for their works, will be too much. Fortunately I have a very good team backing me, and several friends with experience and the right words, the right ‘push’ to make me feel a little secure. Not so secure that everything is going to be as easy as pie, but that is a good thing too.

Another fear is that this whole project will fail on the financial side and leave me ruined or with debts for the rest of my life. This fear is one which cannot be overcome. We have invested a great deal, will be investing a good deal more in materials as well as time. No investment, no chance, simple as that. You cannot publish a book without buying paper, to put it at its most basic.

Do we have a chance? The answer can only be Yes, we do. It may be a small chance, we may well have to work late into the night and make sacrifices along the way – not that we aren’t already making sacrifices! – but that is all part of the whole. What we hope to have at the end of it all may not be a flourishing business which will support us for the rest of our lives, but at the very least a good income and a great deal of pleasure. If we manage bringing the project to the point where we don’t make a loss, where all the costs are covered, that will be enough of a success.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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