Social Reality

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 28, 2014 in News & Opinion |

If there is one thing you cannot overlook in the States at the moment, it is the number of Feel Good videos surfacing where a father, brother, mother or sister serving in the forces appears unexpectedly at some public event to surprise their families. Servicemen and women jumping out of boxes, throwing the ball in […]

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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 27, 2014 in Publishing |

So many things that I want to do, and some that I really should do, but the will often just isn’t there. A good book calls, a glass of wine and, of course, some quiet time with the special person in my life. However, it’s time I really made a decent start on building my […]

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Facing Mortality

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 26, 2014 in News & Opinion |

Jane Fonda is, apparently, scared of dying. I suspect that many people share much the same feeling, that they must, sooner or late, leave this small planet and take the inevitable step beyond life into an unknown or non-existent future. Death is something we all have in common, no matter who we are, where we […]

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Which War?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 25, 2014 in News & Opinion |

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between one war and another. Haven’t we seen so many in the last few decades, since the (two) war(s) to end all wars? So much so that it is easy to get confused about what is being discussed. Take this small excerpt from a CNN video report by Bill […]

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Technological Frustrations

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 24, 2014 in Personal |

We all need that bit of security in our lives, that knowledge that things will not go wrong if we follow a certain path, fulfill certain tasks, stick to the rules. So with me too and, hardly a surprise, so it is also with my belief in how technology works, even if it is technology […]



Protect Yourself!

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 23, 2014 in Internet |

Another two examples, from this blog, of why everyone who uses the Internet should protect their work. In the first example I show how many multiple clicks per second have resulted in someone being blocked or throttled (their access slowed down) recently. This is where a bot or a human has repeatedly clicked on a […]

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The Prom Dress

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 22, 2014 in Articles and Reviews |

Probably the biggest, best night of the entire school year, one which we all look forward to, have all looked forward to and, as we all know, we all want to look our absolute best for this one night: Prom Night. But not all of us are that good with a needle and thread, not […]

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Love Connection

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 21, 2014 in Personal |

I was trying to figure out what it was about La Vie d’Adèle which really attracted me. To be honest, there is plenty I could mention. I could almost fill this short post with a long list of things which got to me – especially when it comes to the standard of acting and how […]

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Nature’s Wonders

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 20, 2014 in Immoral Conversations |

It is amazing how far Nature has come over the centuries. In the beginning – all depending on what you believe – there was a slim being which gradually evolved into life as we know it today, growing into different species of animal and, eventually, the human species. Male, female and everything in-between grew from […]

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Film Night

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on February 19, 2014 in Absolute Hot!, Personal |

It’s late, and I’m not going to write much simply because I have to be up early, as usual, in the morning. We went to the cinema this evening, a girl’s night out without all the partying! The film we had chosen, for reasons which will be clear in a moment, was La Vie d’Adèle […]

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