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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on May 24, 2014 in Personal |

Summer is here even if, judging by the clouds I saw on the horizon late this afternoon, it is being over-shadowed by some fairly severe weather which, as I write this, has settled over us like a dark mantle pierced by occasional light and toned with rolling thunder.

We had hoped to be able to get away this weekend, up to the coast, out-of-town and away from people we know. Why? Because that little bit of extra freedom being amongst strangers allows means we can bathe in the rays of sunlight without having to worry someone will see us on the street in the next few days and, filled with memories, only need to half undress us in their mind!

Viktoria Michaelis Topless Bathing, Bikini

Photo Credit: Vox EfxCreative Commons

I’m not a prude – that much must be fairly clear from many posts on this blog! – but there is something about bathing topless, or even nude, amongst people you know in a small town which gives me shudders. Especially, and the small town plays a major role here, when most people here don’t. Fine, they like to look and, I’m sure, there are plenty who say that they would but, they don’t. Added to which we don’t have a beach and the open-air pool here is hardly a comfortable place to really relax and get that seamless suntan on a sunny day.

The weather, though, was ideal. Was, of course, because the day is over, we are back home again – with our white markings across chest and shoulders – and the weather has turned more than nasty. The well-known propensity for Germans to bathe nude is not a thing here in the former West, it was a cult in the former East but, sadly, seems to have died a death since Reunification. Not that I fancy driving for two hours to find a suitable beach for a couple of hours of uninhibited sun on my skin and then drive two hours back home again!

Still, the hours of sunshine, playing in the pool, generally relaxing together without a care in the world was good. Good enough to make a few plans for a weekend away, when the weather promises to hold for longer than six hours, to somewhere more forgiving of the human body, more accepting, less restrained.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Francois Demers says:

    I was hoping for photographs of 2004 Ford Mustang 40th anniversary convertibles…
    By the way, I do not get comments notifications anymore.

    • I’m sure someone has a 2004 Ford Mustang somewhere near here… As to the notifications, I still have the same problem with Google Mail as before, since they insist everyone else change their individual code at root to allow IPv6 access rather than changing it themselves. I am, however, working to change it!

  • chris says:

    “The well-known propensity for Germans to bathe nude is not a thing here in the former West,” – a lot of the beaches in the former West, both North Sea and Baltic, offer cordoned-off FKK beaches for nude bathing. Some years ago on the island of Sylt, we were taking a walk along the high dunes and saw a volley ball match being played on the FKK beach below. The participants were all without bathing costumes, but because of the inclement weather, were wearing sweaters, wooly hats and even scarves! Now there’s dedication!

    • I’ve found very little information about FKK in the former West, and Sylt comes as something of a surprise to me as it is now considered one of the most expensive, exclusive holiday islands. I think one of the reasons why it has become less popular may be the changes brought about by reunification and the migration of many younger people further west in search of work. In the former East there used to be, I am told, clubs specifically for FKK lovers, well hidden and not just cordoned off from other beaches. My own researches have brought little real information on surviving clubs, and certainly nothing within easy reach. Still topless is acceptable in many areas, and I am not too sure whether my own easiness with nude bathing would go any further than that at the moment!

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