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You may well have seen it, if not now is your chance, but I received an interesting comment on my post The Most Revealing Selfies which reads:

I wonder if these stupid people have tried to just turn around the phone and the take a picture? I’m a blond myself BUT not this stupid hahahahahaha

and I would like to take this opportunity to address it, partially because it is, well, strange in the depth of thought shown and partially because I can and want to! First of all, let us take a selfie as an example.

Viktoria Michaelis: Selfie, self-portrait, erotica, women

Photo Source Unknown: via imgsrc

This is one of several I was saving with the idea of writing about something akin to self-confidence in self-portraits or, to be more accurate, about how we see women who allow such a photograph to do the rounds and the impression we gain of them through it. It’s not all just fun and games, beauty and brains.

I mean, take a look at her room. There’s stuff all over the place, no bed-sheet on the single mattress and the wall is filled with what I hope are not examples of the depth of her artistic abilities. In other words, perhaps, a typical teenager who is more interested in the social life she lives than anything else, more interested in her online friendships than keeping her own space in some form of order.

However, to the comment.

Many smart phones these days are equipped with two cameras, it’s the In Thing of the times. There is no need to turn the cell phone around to take a picture of yourself, you just need to click a virtual button and it happens. Much the same with video, another button and the contraption begins to record whatever is in front of the lens.

Viktoria Michaelis: Selfie, self-portrait, erotica, women

Photo Source Unknown: via Tumblr

The problem is a biological one, not one of either brains nor technology. Our arms, believe it or not, are only so long. The advent of the classic Facebook selfie – a person viewed in relative close-up and usually from above – came about before some people realized that such a photograph only shows half the story. You get to see a woman’s roots – and they realize they need to dye their hair yet again – and a good shot down the cleavage, where there is any, but precious little else. It’s good for showing how well endowed a person is, but hardly a viable means of showing fashion sense.

Viktoria Michaelis: Selfie, self-portrait, erotica, women

Photo Source Unknown: via imgsrc

Added to which it is difficult to see the photograph being taken as the shutter clicks unless you screw your eyes up real tight and squint into the small screen. Hardly the most appealing of poses, but there are plenty of examples. Even today, with major advances, almost everyone looks into the cell phone rather than the mirror, and still manages to get a really bad result!

If the cell was turned round, as our commenter suggests, the pose would be invisible and the chances of getting a halfway decent shot, with all the best bits included, without trying several times would be lost. Even the most sophisticated cameras are still fitted with a viewfinder, and for good reason.

Viktoria Michaelis: Selfie, self-portrait, erotica, women

Photo Source Unknown: via imgsrc

The idea, then, is to get as much of the person into the frame as is possible without the use of either ape arms or a long stick with the camera / smartphone fixed at the end of it. Not that this is unknown, such an attachment is very popular amongst Japanese tourists who can’t travel around with a full-length mirror in their baggage for the most opportune shot!

Now, what happens, as has been suggested, if you turn the smart phone around to take your picture. Well, you get a photograph as desired, with a smaller image of that same pose caught on the cell itself. A photograph within a photograph which, perhaps, could be a future art form, but hasn’t really caught on yet.

Photo Source Unknown: via imgsrc

So we’re going to stick with the back of the cell caught up in the photograph and, in most cases, the model looking at the result while it is being created. As I mentioned, if we don’t look through the viewfinder – for want of a better description – all sorts of things can go wrong. Perhaps the above example is Italian and taken in Pisa or it is one of the original memorial photographs from the Titanic just before the water started pouring in under the cabin door.

What we have to bear in mind is that none of these young women are professional photographers: they know nothing of framing, color coordination, proportion or the use of available light. Some of them probably have absolutely no fashion sense either:

Photo Source Unknown: via Tumblr

although that isn’t always a bad thing, if you happen to be a voyeur and the clothing really is a touch too small! An under-boob without there being any real boob? Anything is possible!

Despite many minutes of searching, I have been unable to find a decent (or even indecent!) selfie where the camera or cell has been turned round. Clearly this is not because the people concerned are stupid, nor because they do not have, necessarily, a second camera lens on the other side of their cell. What they all seem to have in common – aside from a lack of clothing, a sheepish look into the small colored box of choice and messy rooms – is a full length mirror.

Photo Source Unknown: via imgsrc

And that, as far as we, the voyeurs, are concerned, is a good thing, even if some of the poses are a little strained as a result. But, hey, isn’t that baby-oil in this image? Now that is a fashion accessory which brings a few thoughts to mind…

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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