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Amid all this talk, as far as the more technical or even business side of the Internet is concerned, about SEO and Reach, Page Ranking and Clicks, the question of when it’s the right time to post on a weblog raises its ugly head now and then. As if it is possible to tell anyone exactly when the most visitors to their personal weblog might be expected, as if it’s possible to define exactly how many visitors a writer will gain when they write and post at a specific time of the day or night.

Of course there are people who need to gain as much by way of visitors as they possibly can, and of course they study the logs and data of peak and trough times for their blog to try to work it all out. These are the few who manage to make a living from their blog, who have a massive readership, who do nothing else with their lives but write on the Internet and hope to reap the benefits of advertising revenues and referrals.

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For the rest of us – and I would imagine that is good ninety-nine percent of bloggers – timing to gain visitors should make precious little difference. It is not something that we need break our heads over. The Internet is international, it covers every single time zone throughout the world. We, as bloggers, hope to gain coverage throughout the globe unless we’re writing for a specialist niche market where people are only online between certain hours.

For the rest of us only one thing should be of importance: that we write and publish what we have written. And here there can be only one simple rule: write and publish when you, the writer, the blogger, are ready. Don’t throw out some half-complete mess of words simply because you believe that you’ll get a higher number of visitors, or because this is the time when your usual visitors come and leave comments. You post is going to be there from the moment that you hit Publish, no matter what time of day it is. The important thing is to have a complete, useful, interesting post on your blog. The readers will come, not necessarily at a given time of the day or night, but they will come. Some from Australia, or China, the United States or even Chile, and no amount of looking at the clock will change that.

And they will come again in the future, at their own good time, providing what you have written, what you have published, has interested them. Far better to have a good, enjoyable post on your blog when it is ready than to have a half-baked nothing at a certain time of the day.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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