Is ALS A Fraud?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on August 29, 2014 in Immoral Conversations |

If you haven’t caught it on the news, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google or anywhere else and don’t know what the Ice bucket challenge is, then I will be very surprised. Depending on who happens to be pouring water – or bundles of cash – over their heads, the promotion to raise cash and donations for the ALS Foundation has hit the news big time. If you’re not sure what it is Wikipedia has a very good article on the disease.

In an article published in Political Ears, it is shown that of all the money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge, a mere 27% finds its way towards research. This is the main point of the article but, if you look at my illustration – to save you time reading the large print article – you’ll see that there is considerably more to it than that. A further 32% goes towards public education on ALS, and 19% for patient and community services. That’s a total of 79% used for further education, care and research, which is what the money is intended for.

Whilst the salaries listed towards the middle of the article seem to be high, considering what managers receive these days, these salaries still only account for 7% of the donations and are well within acceptable margins.

Aside from the sheer audacity of the article – trying to rile people up over something which has been doctored to show false figures – I found it more than amusing how the website places its adverts, which hardly seem to suggest a serious article or editorial policy. Techniques to gain any woman through seduction are more spam than anything else and rightfully earn their place in the trash can.

A serious website? Possibly, and possibly a serious article, if only the facts had been properly highlighted rather than the author attempting to create a scandal where none exists.

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  • Fran├žois Demers says:

    I observe (was everyone else distracted?) that the pie chart shows financials for end of Jan 2014. According to my calendar, that was seven months ago. The budget was roughly $26 million, a trifle compared to that of a major tax-exempt organisation such as the Church of Scientology (to take a random example).

    With the sudden and unforecasted windfall of $100 million, give or take a few, from the ice bucket challenge, next year’s report would probably show a large increase in spending on Public and Professional Education, as well as Patient and Community Service.
    Possibly also a modest increase on Research.

    Why modest?
    Because scientific and medical research is not very elastic: competent researchers and the large institutional support systems they need to work do not appear overnight just because there is much more money. It might take up to three years to spend these additional $100 MM virtuously.

    The self-styled journalist certainly never worked for a charity in any kind of managerial capacity. As to doing the numbers and the research, with the website really being an online shop for gun nuts, I would not expect too much.

    • The figures provided are probably simply taken from their last financial return. I doubt that there will be an update to the figures for income and expenditure before January 2015, then we can see by exactly how much they benefited. As to the publicity expenses: I think they’ve paid off….

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