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Has the Internet brought a whole new form of language with it? Is it possible that the evolution of our mother tongue, whichever one it may be, is being pushed on through the manner in which younger people express themselves online, through status updates, through the need to abbreviate what they have to say on Twitter?

In recent months several of the leading dictionary companies have announced new words which they are accepting for publication in their works, which they believe have become part of our daily language, and many of them seem to stem from the Internet, from people trying to find new ways to express themselves. Although, reading through hundreds of updates, Tweets and sundry web sites, many are perhaps not really suitable for your everyday dictionary.

Sites such as the Urban Dictionary are well ahead of the printed versions, and tend to be more in touch with some of the language being used, and defining it in a clear and often unmistakable – adult – manner.

Originally I was going to write about the prevalence of words connected to selfies: the descriptions some people use to define what they see in as short a manner as is possible. One of these words is underboob which, looking at the word itself, is fairly clear, as is sideboob – very popular on certain scandal and so-called news sites which concentrate on celebrities and their wardrobe malfunctions.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Underboob and sideboob became popular as more and more women dressed in an every more revealing fashion. Many years ago, I am told, it was DPL (definite panty line) and DNP (definitely no panties) which ruled the roost, brought out by thin materials and clinging fashions. Now the material is still thin, or nearly see-through, but has become less. Clinging tops cut right back, short-shorts which do more than hug: whatever is underneath can be seen, not just guessed at.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Then we have words which will probably never make it into the Oxford Dictionary, such as teabagging. Now, originally, I thought this had something to do with the Tea Party in the United States. You can probably see the connection, but there it is more foot-in-mouth than the far more explicit meaning behind this new word. I always imagine men who enjoy teabagging as being more comfortable wearing a banana-hammock, which is not a pleasant thought!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Then we have nut. We’re not talking about peanuts, almonds or anything else which grows in plantations, but the male appendage: the sack beneath the meat, so to speak. A person – as you can see from the link – who is about to ejaculate, and possibly can’t spell the word let alone use it at an appropriate moment during the sexual act without appearing out-of-place.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

This is not to be confused with nutting someone – the famous Glaswegian Kiss – where one person headbutts another to make their point. Nor should it be confused with the German word for a prostitute or someone who is crazy. Completely different world.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Booty has taken on a whole new meaning, no longer being reserved for pirate treasure found on a desert island in the middle of the Caribbean, but above the knees and below the waist of a well-endowed woman. For some the size of a woman’s booty is of prime importance, the bigger the better. there are even those who specialize in increasing the site of a woman’s booty, where once a boob-job was considered the in thing.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Some new terms are far more confusing, such as stem. This can be a semi-erection on a male or, far more popular, a mixture between a Stud – a dominant badass! – and a Femme. Although how this works is beyond me: a dominant woman who is very feminine? Yes, I can imagine it, and I am sure there are enough beautifully feminine women who are completely different when it comes to sex. Never judge a woman by her clothing!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

How about swag? Not the sister of a wag, but a style. Some people call it the most used term on the Internet, others the most over-used. I was quite happy when swag was booty, in the older sense of the word, and the owner of a good deal of swag had financial advantages over others, until the police come along and reclaim what belongs to others.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Life was so much easier when we only had to worry about air-quotes, humblebrags and stall-waiting.

Is our language becoming better, richer for all these new words, or will we need to have a hipster‘s dictionary in our heads in order to separate what is in, what is out, what is old and what is just simply a pain?

Oh, and the selfies here? Well, this was to have been just a post about the underboob, and there is no way that I am subjecting anyone to an illustration of teabagging, nutting or anything similar!

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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