Selfies: Why Women Need Long Hair

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Is long hair coming back into fashion? I certainly hope so, not just because we – my girlfriend and I – still sport longer than average hair, but because I think it looks beautiful, especially when well-tended and cared for. I have nothing against shorter hair, even if some people used to equate it almost automatically with feminists and punks, but long hair is special. And it has its uses too.

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A beautiful woman with tresses of hair falling across her face, looking out from behind her luxurious locks in a sultry manner, the stuff any romance novel is made of. Hair defines a woman just as much as fashion does, and is one of the things – aside from their butt, I guess – most women spend more time checking out in shop windows than anything else. The uses, however, and quite aside from its appeal, go far beyond just appearance.

Longer hair is a wonderful way to mask things, especially in these days when any selfie which happens to be made is almost immediately uploaded to the web for all to gawk at. That said, in these examples it is difficult to say that anything has been masked, more slightly covered, even enhanced by the veil of mystery. There is enough to fire the emotions, ignite a spark in the viewer’s imagination, but not quite enough to be embarrassing.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Not that anyone needs to be embarrassed by their body in any way. Each of us is an individual, a unique work of art, whether we show that art off or not. Some have the scars of a hard life, some the softness of a life filled with care and attention and, of course, everything in between. We enhance ourselves constantly, adding light touches of this and that as if perfection can be improved upon although, I suspect, none of us really see the perfection that other people see, none of us consider ourselves to be perfect. There are doubts and worries in every single mind, that is, every single person who has any feeling for reality and not just a blown up impression of their own worth!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

The fact that long hair requires a lot of care, a lot of attention is probably the one thing which puts many women off from sporting it. I’m sure someone, somewhere has worked out exactly how long women need during their entire life to care for their hair but, for me at least, it is worth every moment. I cannot imagine the love of my life without her hair, it would be a catastrophe were she to trim it too much. Not that I would stop loving her, hair isn’t everything, but I love her appearance now, as she is, with all those little imperfections which go to make up the perfection. And I do know that we all age, that time changes us, that Mother Nature is unkind to some, but that makes no difference. You can see those who have taken care throughout their lives, without overdoing it. You can see their beauty many years after society has written them off as being old, worn out, no longer of interest.

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

And where would we be, those of us who have long hair, without something to flick back contemptuously, to tuck behind our ears, to drape across those other, far more interesting, assets in certain circumstances? Short-haired women just don’t know what they’re missing.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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