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Just the other day I commented here about the selective sexism surrounding men and women film stars and other celebrities. This is where men are generally photographed looking nonchalantly into the camera, hands in pockets, photographed from the front or, rarely depending on where the photographer has his or her position in the throng, the side. Female celebrities, on the other hand, are often asked to turn and look into the camera over their shoulders. This gives a perfect view of their butt which, possibly, is far more interesting to some than the front view with a smile, unless they happen to have a very low-cut top on. Some journalists in the media have commented on this form of sexism, but it is so prevalent no one has really taken it up, and most of the female celebrities seem to find it acceptable.

Check Out This Butt!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

I say ‘seem’ because it is part and parcel of their work. They have to present themselves; they have to be well dressed with the latest fashions; they have to look good from all angles. Most appear to accept their role in the world of stardom as a form of model, rather than pointing out that it should be their acting abilities which hit the headlines, and not the cut of their dress or the flow across their butt.

We, however, as ordinary mortals without the advantages and disadvantages of fame and the red carpet treatment, are fascinated with our own butts. Perhaps because we don’t get to see them directly, just in passing, or with the aid of a camera / smart phone. Not that we can tell how good it looks until the image is blown up in all its glory, or until someone leaks it on the Internet and we get one or two sensible responses amongst all the catcalls and vilification.

Why are we so fascinated with the one area, aside from the back of our own heads, we have the most problems seeing? Is it because so many people, walking along behind us, use our butt as a method of appraising us? Of course this is not the only thing used, our legs tend to gain a good deal of attention too, but the butt, our ass, posterior, behind, backside tends to except the greatest number of responses, wished for or otherwise.

Check Out This Butt!

Photo Source: unknown, via imgsrc

Does this make my butt look fat?

The nightmare question of any relationship: how can we answer without risking a slapping down? There is no real, safe answer to such a question, and perhaps that is why so many women pose it, and so many men place their heads in the hands and hope for the best before opening their mouths.

Let’s be honest, a woman’s butt can be very attractive indeed. Who hasn’t slowed to a stumble when some beautiful specimen happens to be ambling along right in front of their eager gaze? Who hasn’t noticed the swish of a short skirt, the flow of material, the line of a good fitting pair of pants?

Check Out This Butt!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

The thing is, it’s just part of the whole package, and I don’t mean just the physical side of things. How can anyone assess another person just by their shape? How can you pick out a partner for the rest of your life – and some people really do do this – according to his or her size, or the way they move?

Booty, for a while, was a buzzword which made plenty of women stop and think about their size. Is my butt too small? Does Taylor Swift even have an ass? Do I need to book two seats, one for each cheek, when traveling? Bubble butts were all the rage for a while, hopefully just a passing trend and we can get back to normality!

Check Out This Butt!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

We have to check it out, though. We have to see what it looks like in all sorts of poses, in all states of dress and undress. We have to know what other people see, even if it means twisting ourselves into such awkward positions that our backs remain crooked for the rest of the day. And yet, aside from the looks it garners, butts are really only there for two purposes, one of them being sitting upon. Not that so many people – my examples above excepted, take selfies of their butt while they are sitting… or the other thing either, thank heavens! And, no, I do not want examples of the other form, either sending to me or as links, thank you very much.

Check Out This Butt!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

I am quite content with the knowledge that I can get jeans which fit, without having to force myself into all sorts of embarrassing positions to get into them. I am quite happy to know that I can sit down without rupturing myself, destroying a chair, or spilling over the edge of a large couch. I am quite happy watching other women – I admit it – who are not so self-conscious about their own ass as they walk along in front of me. It’s my imagination which does the rest, and not a view down their builder’s crack whenever they bend forward. Although…

Check Out This Butt!

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

Yes, it is enticing, attractive, show-stopping, but not the whole picture. And a film star or any other celebrity whose whole claim to photographic fame is based on how she looks over her shoulder into the camera is, for me, someone wasting her talent. We’re not going to get to see any more, never going to have the pleasure of caressing it, so why the infatuation? Why not get back to the real talent of a person, their personality and character, their abilities and just leave their appearance – and I mean hair color and everything else – out of the description. Was the film or show good? Did she deserve the laurels on her acting ability?

When a woman’s butt gets a speaking role in a film – and, yes, I know there are some – then we can concentrate on these aspects of a woman. Until then, let’s try to stay professional for a while. Let’s hope that a few more female celebrities refuse to turn their backs, refuse to smile over their shoulders into the camera, and point out that they are there as a professional, and not as a marketable piece of meat.

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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  • Pieter says:

    This is just the thing Viki. Social media has allowed woman to post all these photo poses and call it selfies. They are actually so shaming and degrading themselves, make them look cheap and available. And for some perverts who don’t have a positive outlook towards woman are drooling over these pictures. Some men, and also woman, are so brain washed by the images that they don’t know right from wrong and are actually becoming social media addicts. Even worse some become sex-crime offenders. Society has become so sick. I do not want to be part of it. And facebook is just as bad as all of them. Always suggesting pages you might like or people you may know.

    • It’s not just selfies, sadly. Take a look a any red carpet event – especially in Hollywood – and you will see that the photographers practically demand that women turn and look over their shoulder for the camera. This is not, however, just a modern thing, it has been this way for a long time, social media merely gives everyone the chance to pose as they wish, and celebrities are the ones many try to emulate.

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