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Having hinted at the idea that hiding a natural part of a woman’s body seems to me to be a little strange – in my post from yesterday – I thought I might go one step further today and, perhaps, justify it. Perhaps not justify in that I propound a general freeing of all barriers, of all modesty, but more an idea of what reality is and why we shouldn’t be so cut up about what other people wear, what they show and how they act as a person. There are, naturally many aspects of a person’s character which we do not have to appreciate or accept – I could list homophobia, racism and many more here, but I’m sure you, as an intelligent reader, know exactly what I am referring to – but also many which are banished from normality by society and by a prim and proper attitude, in public, which do not match our true feelings or desires.

Warm Clothing Needed

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The first thing is, of course, why should a woman be embarrassed, or made to feel embarrassed, by her body? Why should she be subjected to jeers, to catcalls and all the rest – we all know about the videos showing sexual harassment on the streets, and not just of women but also of those with a disability – when all that she has, her body in this case, although there is a good deal more, is natural and normal? Why is she forced to hide herself away from view but, at the same time, can see all the celebrities with their fashionable see-through clothing being lauded along the red carpet of fame?

Fine, there are several different attitudes in reporting according to who the person is. One newspaper (or Internet site) might stumble over itself to gain photographs of a sideboob and then – same newspaper, same author – rant about how a shoulder shot of some celebrity applying her make-up is an affront, although nothing below the shoulder line can be seen, and shouldn’t have been posted online. It might even be the same celebrity, certainly the same reporter, but the attitude shown is different. Perhaps because the reporter didn’t manage to get the shot themselves – Exclusive! – but found it posted by the celebrity themselves? How dare a celebrity post a shoulder shot! What is the world coming to? Here, another sideboob with a hint of nipple.

Warm Clothing Needed

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

We, however, are ordinary people and not celebrities. We’re not required to show ourselves off in the latest fashions as if we’re on a catwalk, not required to turn and show our butt profile for the camera – which the men don’t have to do, for some reason. Are there no muscular male butts on celebrities worthy of a quick shot for the gutter press?

If you take, as an example, the photograph above, I guess it would be more acceptable to the bulk of viewers. Fine, there are also those who wish to see much more – the same woman with much more on view appeared yesterday, for those wondering – but is it what she wishes to show? Clearly, in this case, yes, she is quite happy showing off rather more and we, as the lucky viewers, shouldn’t have a problem with that. It is her decision, she is an adult and, to be honest, who does it hurt? There is nothing being shown but that which we all have. Fine, different proportions and all, but we all have nipples, we all have skin, we are all pretty much built-in the same form and manner. It’s just what is in our mind that is different, and the mind is a strange thing.

Warm Clothing Needed

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

The title of this post mentions cold weather, but by this I do not necessarily mean the weather outside our homes, more the coldness displayed by other people over matters which are normal and natural. Not that everything in life should be in the public sphere, there are matters which are private, between two people, and which, being very personal, can cause a good deal of hurt and pain, all of which is unnecessary. Much the same in the public sphere, why, I always ask, must some photographers insist that women turn so that they can be photographed looking over their shoulder? A strange form of sexism which is rarely mentioned. Why must an ordinary woman – beautiful or otherwise – worry about what she can wear on the streets of her hometown? Or even consider whether it is safe to go out and buy a pint of milk as dusk falls.

Warm Clothing Needed

Photo Source: unknown, via Tumblr

And the fact that women are so attractive to men – and other women – excite their imaginations and desires? A fact of nature, nothing unusual there at all. But why do we make such a show of it all? Why must a woman live by other standards, justify herself, be prepared to defend herself? Why must this defense also often be a physical matter? Why can we not appreciate beauty – and the most natural beauty that there is – without destroying it?

The greatest problem, of course, is overcoming this coldness in the minds of so many people, and the double standards of the press and media. But not just there, our entire educational system, the way in which we are taught about gender and society, the way families teach and interact with their children. Perhaps the Internet is still one of the best options for bringing down all the walls of misunderstanding, of prejudice, of hate. If families and schools cannot do it, if a nipple partially displayed is considered sordid because that is what we have been taught about the human body, and so long as these double standards exist, we will never make any headway at all.

A sad judgement on mankind but, when you think about what we see every single day, what we hear about events, about people and their reactions to the most banal happenings, an indication of reality. Can we change reality into a better and more acceptable form?

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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