Blogging: Installation Is The Easy Part

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Anyone who happens to use WordPress will already know, when you want to set up your own blog on your own server, it’s easy. You unpack the package, point it through your chosen FTP client to the appropriate file and then click-through the installation URL in your browser. After that it gets a touch more complicated: picking out the right template, for example, and setting up the restrictions and privileges for yourself and any other users. However, believe me, that was still all the easy part of the whole thing.

Blogging and Photography

Photo Source: SperaCreative Commons

It’s a little like picking a pair of shoes, what follows. You know exactly what you want – a pair of shoes, easy! – but there are so many. And yet…

My example only addresses women. Men go into a shop and buy a pair of shoes. Period. Or a shirt, jeans, a jacket, whatever. Blogging is like a woman buying a pair of shoes. She has the basic installation for shoes, all that’s missing is the content, so to speak. And this is where it starts getting interesting.

Blogging and Photography

Photo Source: Carolina Murga PortellaCreative Commons

I recently read a comment from an author, on Twitter, lamenting the fact that with over one hundred posts on her blog, she didn’t know who she was writing for, who her market should be, what niche she should be taking over and exploiting. With over two thousand posts here, I replied, I don’t know either. I write what interests, amuses, shocks or educates me as and when I feel like it. Do I have a set type of reader? Do I need to restrict myself to a certain type of person, a specific interest?

Blogging and Photography

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I’ve never really thought about it. For me the difficulties of maintaining a blog have nothing to do with my potential audience. In theory you – the reader right now – are more than likely aged between 24 and 35, female, working from home and with a college education but no children. Or perhaps not.  Am I writing for you, or am I writing for me? This is not the hard part of blogging either. If you want to set your sights on a marketplace, a market position, then that is what you do. If you’ve still not found it, but are determined to after one hundred or more posts, you’ve lost touch with your aims. Assuming that you had any.

Blogging and Photography

Photo Source: Holger DoelleCreative Commons

No, the hardest part about maintaining a blog is not the installation, not the niche, not even sitting in front of the computer and setting your fingers on the keyboard. The hardest part is the content, and this post should be an excellent example of that problem. The words flow, the idea is there, but everything needs a little enhancement. Good SEO, the right phrases, buzzwords, search engine optimization, but still something missing. You’re thinking about someone reading your work? You need to break it up with a few images!

You think writing is difficult? Finding a subject to cover once in a while? Try finding the right (Creative Commons) images to illustrate what you’re writing about. I think I’ve managed it fairly well with my selection, all things considered. They illustrate how difficult it is to find the right image, since my search word was Nude…

Love & Kisses, Viki.

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