Gun Control: It’s Never The Right Time

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 28, 2015 in News & Opinion |

There’s a good reason why no one wants to talk about gun control: it would be inconsiderate to the families of those people who have just been killed in yet another rampage on American soil. Rather, let’s make the suggestion that even more people should be armed, such as kindergarten teachers, Army recruiters, theater popcorn salespeople. The best way to ensure that fewer people are going to be killed by gunfire, by a man or woman bent of just killing people, is to ensure that even more people get weapons, as if it is a proven fact that the more weapons there are available, the more weapons on the street, the less chance there is of someone drawing, aiming and firing.

Take a look at the suggestion that weapons should be allowed in theaters, which came shortly after the shooting in Lafayette on July 23. In a darkened theater, filled with people, the more people who have guns, the higher the likelihood that they will be safe against a deranged shooter. It is highly unlikely that, after the first few shots, everyone will panic and make for the exits. Clearly they will all draw their guns and shoot only the attacker, no one else, because that’s what they’ve been trained to do.

How many people have been killed in shooting incidents, or seriously wounded, since my post Control: Time For More Gun Responsibility on December 19, 2012? How many times has it not been the right time to discuss gun controls, effective training, background checks? How many times have the police, in a press conference at a school, a theater, a poolside, in City Hall, had to say that the weapons used were obtained legally?

My suggestions back were not about breaching Constitutional Rights, not about taking guns away from those who have a right to them, or the ability to use them properly, or an interest in safety and order. They were, and are, about safety. About ensuring that those who do have guns know how to handle them, are mentally capable of using a gun in the right manner and who, above all, adhere to the checks and safeguards society should expect from someone who has the potential to kill dozens of their fellows.

But will it ever be the ‘right time’ to talk about any form of controls? Or will I be writing another similar post in three years time, when nothing has changed, nothing has been done, but thousands more people have been killed or maimed.

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