Sorry Wired, But You’ve Got Ello Wrong

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It doesn’t matter how often you say it, some people have this fixed idea in their minds, and nothing is going to remove it. Take a look at the daily news, watch television, listen to those around you holding conversations. In hardly any time at all you’ll see, read or hear something which you know is just plain wrong. At least, according to your information, your opinion, it is wrong.

That’s what I felt when I clicked through to read an article on Wired called Sorry Ello, The Real Anti-Facebook Is Good Old Email. First and foremost, mail is not a social network, it is a social conversation system as much as anything. You write a mail to one person – or a group – and, hopefully, get a reaction. It is not public, it is not accessible to anyone but the spy agencies and recipients, and it is very limited. It is, of course, preferable to many methods of conversation, but not the best that there is.

What I found amusing about this article was the idea that Ello was invented exclusively – that’s the impression they seem to be giving – to combat Facebook.


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Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Facebook has its place in our Internet world, just the same as all the other social network sites. It appeals to a certain group of people and works for them. Ello appeals to a different set of people. The writers at Wired may well remember that it was invitation only at the beginning, as with some other sites, and people were selected not just because of their interest in an alternate site, but also because they had and have something interesting, something creative to offer. Facebook is a common denominator site: everything you want, quick, easy and ten seconds later you can move on. Twitter is even faster, if you want to compare value.

Ello, on the other hand, invites people to post creatively, to show what they are working on, to share their interests with like-minded people in the creative world. It is a meeting place for artists, for photographers, for those with an interest in writing longer, meaningful posts and interacting with other people. Not that people don’t interact in Facebook, but it is on a completely different level.

And Ello is ad-free; that was the selling point from the very start. Ello sells itself, and not your information. It doesn’t gather all those little buzzwords that you use and then show you what you can buy. It doesn’t try to get you to click-through to linked news stories – where there is clearly also a payment involved which enriches Facebook, but not the user. It is there for people to use without being pestered, without being told that they must be interested in this or that product.

Does Ello need to be loud and constantly in the news? Clearly not, especially when you consider that Facebook s mainly in the news for what it shouldn’t be doing, what shouldn’t be allowed. Ello is there, and it works perfectly for those who wish to use it, and that is the whole point.

No matter what anyone says, though, the best social network is the one where you’re sitting together with the people you’re conversing with, face-to-face and in Real Time.

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