A Sad Day For Bacon

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Never have so many Twitter journalists – and others – worked so hard to create a catchall click-through headline. For some of them, and you can check them all out on Twitter if you feel the need, it is more clickbait than anything else. The World Health Organization has issued a warning that processed meats, eaten in larger quantities, could contain cancer-producing or enhancing elements.

This evening I’ve seen everything from people ranting – both meat-eaters and vegetarians – about this through to blatant false headlining. One person even went so far as to claim that eating vegetables would only be good for you – assuming that you went to the extreme of quitting eating meat altogether – by adding tons of fat and salt to make some form of taste.

Is bacon a processed meat? I sincerely hope not, otherwise someone is doing it wrong, and the public is being lied to. The fact that frying foods – and we had this with french fries not so long ago – can produce some elements which are harmful is well-known. So why not bacon too? Why not any form of meat that is fried?


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The emphasis, however, was on processed meat, where there are additives to make the product taste of something. The same could be said about any form of food which has been processed, no matter how healthy the manufacturer may claim it to be.

The thing is – and I say this as a vegetarian – it all comes down to how much you eat of a particular thing. Too much meat is just as bad for you as too much carrot juice. Everyone needs a balanced diet, whether they are a meat-eater, a vegetarian or vegan. It really is that simple. And anyone who stuffs themselves with anything – from candy and soda right down the food chain to meat and vegetables – is never going to be doing themselves a favor.

Moderation is the answer. Eat what you wish to eat to enjoy it, to live, rather than anything else. Food should be as much of a pleasure as a necessity, no matter what your diet may be.

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