Claiming The Glory, Unearned

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If you reads through the m,any posts here, you will notice that I do not take any one particular side when it comes to politics, whether it be US or European. Unlike many, if not most, politicians, I am keen for the best to be done for the country in which I live, and not so keen just to bolster the image of a political party or gain personal fame. Some may well feel that I tend more towards the Democrat / Social Democrat view of things  and vie away from the Republican / Conservative area. This is not true: if the policy is good and beneficial, I will support it no matter who brings it out.

There are times, though, when I really do feel the need to slap someone about the head and tell them to do things properly. One such instance has come about following the climate change conference in Paris, where a final draft has been presented to the delegates by President Hollande of France, and agreed to by representatives of all countries present. The person deserving of a slapping is the President of the United States of America, and especially over this Tweet:

Claiming The Glory

Screenshot Source: Barack Obama / POTUS / Twitter

I hardly need remind anyone that the question of climate change – which some misguided people still call global warming – is one which causes some people in the States to bluster and fume and produce more hot air than a well-fed cow in a field. I hardly need remind anyone of the man – I cannot bring myself to call him a politician – who demonstrated that climate change is a myth by producing a snowball last year, in the middle of winter, when you’d not expect to find a snowball anywhere…

I also hardly need remind anyone how the government of the United States has fought against any form of restrictions for industry, predominantly its own, during the last few presidencies and right into the first period of this one.

This would be a perfect example of what American leadership can do if only the Americans – especially the government – had been the leaders. That is not the case, Mr President, not by a long chalk.

It is the Europeans who have done all the work, who have put forward plans, followed restrictions for harmful gases, sought out ways to make energy cleaner and less expensive. It is the European governments, especially those of France and Germany, who have pushed – against American, Indian and Chinese wishes – for better climate control and for a stop or, at the very least, a slowing down of all that is harming our planet.

Do not claim the laurels, Mr President, for the long, hard work of others.

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