Flickr: Not Fulfilling The Promises

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The idea behind social media and social networks is to share: you live your life and let everyone out there, in Internet-land, who might possibly have an interest, experience all those wonderful things which have happened in your life. In reality no one gives a hoot, they just want a good follower / friend ratio to show that they are Internet Famous, but we all do it nonetheless. Selfies, rantings, foodporn, politics, religion, oneliners, they are all there.

There are also, however, a few who use the Internet and their social channels to do more than communicate, people who wish to share something worthwhile, educate, enhance life, whatever. They send out inspiring photographs and quotations, self-help tips, moneymaking guides and, of course, SEO for the unwilling. One of the more serious channels for sharing is Flickr where, when it works properly, millions of worthwhile images can be found, far and distant places, funny incidents, ordinary life.

When it works properly.

At the moment, however, things seem to be going downhill for the photographic sharing platform, and it all begins with the sharing side of things. The Flickr Help Forum tells a tale – or three – of sadness and frustration when it comes to uploading those wonderful images, and a wonderful tale too of a lack of interest on Flickr’s side.

Flickr Uploader Fail

Screenshot Source: Flickr

The idea is to upload your images to Flickr using their bright, flashy uploader straight onto your photostream. When it works, all is wonderful. When it doesn’t… well, that seems to be the case for many now. Even the old uploader – a plain page which gives little information about how an upload is going and only allows you a maximum of six images in one go – sticks. Sadly it doesn’t tell you it has stuck, but the new, flashy uploader does. And it tells you immediately. In my case, as you can see, within one second. Files fail to upload or, even worse, after only one second of trying, a time-out.

What you don’t see on the upload pages is help. For this you need to go to the Forums and read others’ experiences. Or, you need to go to the old uploader and check what is given as advice there. To use the new uploader you need to install Adobe Flash, which has been dumped by Mozilla and others following major concerns about its security. You also need to enable javascript which, with Windows 10 at least, is not automatically enabled for Mozilla, but is for Microsoft Edge (the new Internet explorer).

Or you can go a different way, also hard to find unless you read the Forum, and send the images in by mail. One commentator noted that he (or she) had managed five images with one mail. I got three in, from fifty, from several mails. No mail back saying that the rest were unsuccessful. We’re supposed to wait, because the servers might be busy, but after twenty-four hours?

Perhaps someone needs to give the staff at Flickr a quick nudge – with a cattle-prod, for example – to see whether they are awake, whether they even care. The advertising comes through perfectly, but the service just isn’t there.

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