Another Religious Nut Who Doesn’t Know Religion

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It may come as a surprise to some, but it isn’t just the so-called Islamic State which can lay claim to religious fanatics who know nothing about the true meaning or origins of their religion. There are enough Christian examples out there – turn on any of the television channels which spout this stuff out at all times of the day, and you can live Christian fanaticism mixed with good old-fashioned capitalism to your heart’s content.

And it isn’t just this Islamic State brand of Muslim fanaticism which gains the headlines now and then although, sad to say, the terrorist actions around the world tend to attract the headlines which get noticed. Lurking below the murky surface are the Christian fanatics, those who would happily massacre any number of unbelievers, if they could only muster an army of blind fools to follow them.

Religious Stupidity

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Every single religion throughout the world has these people. They shout and preach hate using interpretations of their religion which most normal people, those who actually believe more than anything else, shudder to even contemplate and which, again for normal people, are neither compatible with their beliefs nor to be found in any sensible work on the subject.

Michele Bachmann, to all intents and purposes, is a religious nut who does not know the history of her own religion. Jesus Christ may well, if you believe in that sort of thing, be on the way back for another appearance – the sequel to end all sequels, Hollywood take note – as some seem to believe, but would he expect people to convert to Christianity?

The chances are slim. More likely he would have hoped that more people would follow his liberal, humanistic form of Judaism and, should there be a Second Coming, those who have signed up for the whole show according to his reported words and actions will have good standing by him. But not if they are Christian, because Jesus Christ was never a Christian, he was a Jew through and through, from birth to death and there is nothing to suggest he was ever considering a conversion.

His followers, whether you want to just count the initial twelve or go through to a much broader and later following, were also Jews, and it wasn’t until relatively late in the initial founding phase of this new religion that anyone considered themselves anything other than Jewish.

So why should anyone consider converting away from the religion of the one person who is claimed to be the savior? That, no matter how you look at it, would be a very bad move indeed, and with little prospect of a bright eternal-life future.

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