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There are times when anyone of a sane disposition, no matter how calm and collected they may wish to appear, just has the feeling that a shovel to the back of the head is as good a solution for someone else as anything sensible. There are some people who cannot think straight – but we all know that – and then there are some people who cannot think outside the box, or see anything but what their strange limited vision allows them.

Anne Coulter is one of these people. I am inclined, and I think you’ll agree with me when you check the following Tweet and my link, to consider Coulter as one of the most backward, ignorant and racist human beings spouting unsupported trash whenever the occasion arises. Inclined only. She does have her uses, mainly in showing other, more sensible people what a good, many-sided education without prejudice could bring for a person’s future and that the alternative, to be like Coulter, is something no one should wish for.

Coulter is clearly stuck in a racist environment of her own making, believing that everything which occurs must have been caused by the misdeeds of other people, especially foreigners and, more than that, foreigners of a different religion to her own claimed Christianity.

Anne Coulter / ILNews on Twitter

Screenshot Source: Anne Coulter / Israel News Flash / Twitter

In this case her limited vision has picked up a news story from an Israeli news medium, one which, to be honest, is hardly objective in its views. As is par for the course, she has not bothered to check her facts, simply added a comment and sent her Tweet on its way. So let us Fact Check Coulter and this Israeli news service.

Yes, a German railway service has introduced separate areas for women to travel or, as the web site concerned says, separate wagons for women or women and children. The announcement (German language) is here. The company concerned is the MRB (Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn), a small regional railway line. The trains where this service is being offered run between Leipzig and Chemnitz. The wagons are being set up next to the Quiet Zone wagons – many will know of these Amtrak train sections from the United States, where certain areas are set aside for those who wish to travel in peace and quiet (Gov. Christie can explain how they work!) – and provide both security for women traveling alone and an area where women with children can travel without disturbing other passengers.

There is one thing missing from the MRB announcement which the Israeli news service has included as a hashtag and which Coulter has, only a second sensible thought, used to promote one of her books. She comments: for same reason. This, we can assume, means that the separate areas for women and children – according to Coulter and the Israeli news team – have been introduced purely because of the fear of sex attacks by immigrants. The announcement from MRB does not say this at all.

For anyone who knows anything about Germany, and other European countries, there is the knowledge that many things get done without strikes, protest marches, lobbying and all those media-attracting actions so usual in the United States. There is much more debate when a proposition is made, more consideration and, often, a far greater willingness for people in all walks of life to work together. That is why there are also special taxis for women late at night, to ensure they get home safely. Introduced long before the present immigration crisis. That is why there are areas where women and children can withdraw for whatever reason, and which have nothing to do with sex attacks – nor are they limited to German women, or Christians, or whites.

Coulter failed to Fact Check – yet again – and used a clearly biased, unsupported assertion from an unreliable source to promote her personal racist ignorance and her book. Clearly she would be a perfect government minister in any future President Trump government: ignorant of foreign events, politics, women’s rights, and reality.

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