404s And The Bad Guys

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So, here I am, sitting in front of the computer again, going through the logs to see who has been where and try to make some sense of it all. It’s something that I do regularly, not just to see what other people are looking at, but also to see what some people are trying to find and break in to. It’s all very well looking at a pretty blog from the front and checking the figures in the back, but you need to see where the weaknesses are as much as the strengths. And that goes for your writing as much as for security.

If you’ve done it right and your security is in place and working, all you get to see is a batch of 404s.

Even security, though, can have its problems. Nothing is 100% secure, otherwise we wouldn’t have so many security updates to download and install. As they say, make something idiot proof, and someone else will make a better idiot. The same for security.

Error 404

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One of the programs that I use is 404 Redirected, and this piece of software, while fine for checking facts and figures, is starting to become something of a worry for me. The program isn’t working as it should, and that despite a couple of updates in the last week. Nothing serious, as far as security is concerned, but not clean. By clean I mean that it doesn’t do the full job as advertised: clearing out all the logs is a no-go at the moment. So I have forty-nine pages of logs showing where people – or bots – have not found what they were looking for, and each page has twenty-five entries. Not many, by some standards, but more than I want. I’ve cleared all of them already, checked them through, blocked the attackers, tried to delete the records.

What do you do when there is a clear problem? Contact those people who make the application and give them a bug report. Except.

Except that I’ve done that, and there has been no reply, no change. No improvement. The problem is still there, and the software has been updated twice. Perhaps drawing attention t it through a more open, public notice will bring about change. I hope so, because the program is good, when it works.

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