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I must admit, I am moved that so many people have taken the time to contact me, and to make sure everything in my life is going well, that nothing sinister has happened, and that I have not completely disappeared from the Internet. I can put many minds to rest: everything is fine. I have had many things which have occupied my time over the last weeks, both with my work and with my life in general, and many decisions have had to be made about the future, about the direction that I wish to go in over the coming years. That I have neglected my web log is something I regret, but I felt unable to devote the necessary time and concentration of late. Hopefully things will be much quieter now, and everything will return to its normal routine.


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My absence has as much to do with political matters as with anything else – although a rest from some things was definitely well worth taking – and the changes which are likely to occur in Europe over the coming months, or years. As many know, my publishing business is registered in England, and the English, if not the rest of the country, have decided to turn their backs on the benefits of European membership and go their own way.

For my small business this creates something of a dilemma: is there a future for English companies in Europe? Or, to be more precise: is there a future for European companies which are registered in the United Kingdom in Europe? It is a question which I cannot answer at the moment, I only see many European companies, especially the banks and other financial institutions, weighing up their options and tending, or so it appears to me, toward a move away from the former financial capital. The tax problems I could have, since I pay my company taxes in Germany, have not yet been addressed, but could come fast and furious and leave no room for manoeuver. So I have been concentrating on this aspect in between my normal reading and researching, writing and living.

The answers are not easy to find, at the moment, but many would agree it is better to be safe than sorry, and that is my opinion too. I have no problem with taking risks, but only when I am sure the chance of coming out on top is greater than all other options. So I have begun the laborious process of moving, and am inundated with paperwork and problems others have not yet come to consider.

As all know, my web log is very important to me, and so it is still here, and will remain here, and I will write here now and then with news, with views, with whatever comes to mind. And regain, I hope, the wonderful interaction between readers, surfers of the Internet and myself which has been of such value in the past.

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