Piers Morgan: The High Moral Ground

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The backlash against Donald Trump in the United states, following the revelations of his attitude towards women and clear belief in sexual assault and the right of the alpha male to command and control sexually, has begun. Several high-ranking Republicans have rescinded their endorsements, others have called for him to either set down from the presidential nomination, or reconsider his position.

Not all those who have endorsed Donald Trump will rescind; some will weather out the storm and hope that everything passes them by, that their strong support in their home constituencies will remain and keep them employed as senator or representative for many more legislative periods.

What is most interesting about the whole debacle is what brought about the change in people’s opinions; not just of the staunch Republican politicians, but also the voting base, the ordinary people of the United States. It was the clear belief that sexual assault against American women is acceptable put forward by Donald Trump. The idea of abusing, of banning, of walling out foreigners, regardless of male or female, children or adult, does not strike a note. The national protectionism within the United States, built upon immigration, is still very strong.

Piers Morgan and Morality

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For some people, those who claim Donald Trump as a personal friend, he can do no wrong. Regardless of what he says, regardless of who he abuses, attacks or assaults – and remember, it was Donald Trump who claimed he could shoot a person on an open street and no one would do anything against him – they will support him and claim that the uproar over his words and actions is merely a distraction from the real problems at hand. But it is these which cause the real problems. It is the attitude of people towards their fellow-men and women which has, as we have seen all too often and recently with the Black Lives Matter movement – despite all its faults – which is the foundation for the problems.

Piers Morgan, a British journalist, is someone who appears to support all that is wrong with American society. He claims that people in the United States are over-reacting to the revelations, to the inherent faults within a system which allows such a man as Donald Trump to achieve a position of power. He appears to support the building of walls – clearly the wall separating sections of Belfast in Northern Ireland are homegrown examples he can call upon – as good policy, despite the proven fact that they do not work. He appears to support the ban on Muslims which Donald Trump put forward, and the racism inherent in such a move – although Donald Trump himself is descended from a German immigrant. And now, with this Tweet, he clearly endorses sexual assault by celebrities and people in positions of power against women.

People are not positioning themselves on a moral or ethical plinth when they rally against racism, sexism and crimes against women. They are not taking the high ground or claiming themselves to be better than anyone else. They are voicing concerns, and following an ages old belief that such actions are wrong, that they go against the moral grain of all the United States should stand for. They are supporting Human Rights as much as personal standards of social behavior.

If a candidate for the position of Prime Minister in the United Kingdom acted and spoke in the manner Donald Trump has done – and that for many years – would Piers Morgan support that person for election? Clearly this must be the case, or does he have a different moral stance when it comes to leaders of other countries? Such a candidate should not be acceptable in the United Kingdom, just as this one, Donald Trump, cannot be acceptable in the United States.

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