What’s In A Meal?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on January 5, 2015 in Personal |

Yesterday, as I wrote, Hannover, today I was on foot through the streets of Bremen. Now, you might wonder why I should want to walk around Bremen when I am there – in college – almost every single day of the working week. The thing is, yes, I am there but, at the same time, […]

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Hardly A Spare Moment

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 27, 2014 in Personal |

It would be easy enough for me to sit down, when I have a spare few hours, and simply write one post after another, backdating them for the days that I have missed out this month. I could come up with all sorts of tales, comments, opinions, general stuff to fill the white spaces, and […]

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Despite The Weather, Trying New Things

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 21, 2014 in Personal |

Having neglected my camera for far too long, I decided that today would be a good day to get out into the wilds of northern Germany – but not too far into the wilds! – and see what can be seen. I must admit, though, that my plan was – and is – a little […]

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Work Experience: Experiencing Work

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 20, 2014 in Personal |

You would imagine, I have no doubt, that it is easy to find a position for someone to learn a job if the company providing the job experience was required to pay no wages. It’s rather like the Intern system we have in the United States: a student comes in, gets all the rubbish jobs […]

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And There She Was, Gone.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 19, 2014 in Personal |

I don’t know about hundreds, but maybe one or two have wondered where I’ve been for the last few days or so. Usually I’m fairly active on the Internet, with an almost guaranteed post here each day and visits to other social media sites at all hours of the day and night. Despite my keen […]

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Looking Back To The Old Home

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on November 22, 2014 in Personal |

Of course I still keep up with the news from back in the States, who wouldn’t? I am sure there are plenty of people who leave the country of their birth, the land they have called home for their entire lives, and still need to look back, to see what is going on, even stay […]

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Art And Other Thoughts On Staying Here

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on November 21, 2014 in Personal |

Yesterday I wrote about the questions leveled at me, about the pointlessness of staying on in college, going back to the States, living a life of comfort. Today something which I have been giving a lot of thought to in recent weeks: staying here. Now, by staying here I do not mean the same as […]

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House Hunting: Is Now The Right Time?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on October 23, 2014 in Personal |

At what age does a person – or family, couple, whatever – decide that it is the right time to start house hunting? I am sure that we all look at houses as we wander by, wondering who lives there, what it would be like to own such a house, especially some of the mansions, […]

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Exploring: Off The Beaten Track

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on October 20, 2014 in Personal |

Some people don’t understand it when I make plain that I want to go down a side street, leave the main road and follow a track, get away from the bright lights of the tourist areas, tourist attractions and see something else. The shops, the bars, museums and galleries, they are what life is all […]

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Sharing: In Sickness And In Health

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on October 15, 2014 in Personal |

I just love the generosity of other people, especially when they have something to share that you don’t really want, but have no way of refusing. By this I don’t mean that third toaster at a wedding, or the reindeer pullover Aunt Maud knitted for your twentieth birthday which fits one arm but not the […]

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