Are These The Future?

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on December 24, 2012 in Internet |

The title poses a fairly simple question, but one which many agencies probably rip their hair out over every single day of the year. What is the future as far as modeling, as far as The Look, as far as selling of images goes? Should we really be looking to find the next big thing […]

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Removing the Muff

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on September 14, 2012 in Adult (nsfw) |

Is it going to be back in the news again, an eternal discussion on what should be and what should not? The rehashing by a Twitter poster of a 2007 article on the removal of pubic hair has just surfaced, and may well be the first move in another discussion on what women – and […]

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The Basics.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on November 12, 2011 in Absolute Hot! |

I’d hate for you to think, after my post yesterday, that I have forgotten the basics of what I enjoy, so here are a few wonderful, fantasy inspiring images to remind you of where I first began and what still does it for me…

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Beautiful Curves.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on October 17, 2011 in Absolute Hot! |

Do you have a favorite body part? I don’t necessarily mean on your own body – although I guess we all have one area which really makes us feel good – but when looking or sharing time with another person, is there one area you love to look at, to touch, to explore? I’m torn […]

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Skirts, Short and Skimpy!

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on September 5, 2011 in Absolute Hot! |

There has been a distinct lack of skirts and short dresses over here this year. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the younger women here seem to have settled upon short shorts and stockings or tights. So I thought I would put things right and share a few favorites I’ve found with you. Hold […]

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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on August 19, 2011 in Absolute Hot! |

You never know when you’re going to have that one lucky day, when everything seems to come together and things are really just going your way so much you can’t imagine anything better. We all have such days – usually before a really bad one which brings the soul back down to earth! – and […]

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Original Desires.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 27, 2011 in Adult (nsfw) |

I was clearing out  a small backlog of erotic photographs from my computer to Tumblr just the other day and came across a sudden burst of memories. I’ve never really taken note of how many images have fired my imagination, or why they might have, until I took a look at some of the older […]

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Shorts v. Skirts.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on July 10, 2011 in Absolute Hot! |

You must all know my personal preference by now, I’ve mentioned it often enough and even provided you with a wealth of good photographic examples. Short skirts, short-skirted dresses, these are the stuff dreams are made of, and exactly what I like wearing myself. But, recently I have been having a few second thoughts, nothing […]

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Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on June 21, 2011 in Absolute Hot! |

Some times my eyes literally pop out of my head. It might be while I am out and about, or while I am surfing through the wonderful images the Internet has to offer, but I literally feel my eyes open wider, my breathing becomes slightly harder and I get that wonderful feeling in my stomach […]

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Naughty Thoughts.

Posted by Viktoria Michaelis on June 7, 2011 in Erotica (nsfw) |

Continuing my theme of photographs which I find later – after a post – and photographs which really make me feel all gooey and wet … this one made me have really naughty thoughts.

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